Thursday, June 29, 2017

thank you everyone for stopping by to look at this small gathering of my unique take on the fourth of july. I have traditional themed bears and a vintage marching band theme collection.
as always, if you need me!
thank you!!!
                                                                    "OLDE GLORY"
Glory is 9.5" of dyed soft red mohair body, with a taupe mohair head.he has a clay olde star pendant with vintage bead necklace. his cone hat is wrapped with a vintage bank bag eagle image. his hat is decorated with vintage usa charms. he carries an antique flag and sits on a paper Mache drum.(5x3")
Roosevelt is 8.5" of dense wavy dark tan with black guard hairs mohair. he wears a vintage Roosevelt pin, badge, star and bell. he is weighted and squishy. ADOPTED... thank you Cynthia!
band is 9" of brown german plush body with a crème mohair head. he has clear aged eyes, and shading. band's necklace is a sweet mini working antique harmonica. he wears a newspaper fabric print hat.ADOPTED... thank you Sue!!
liberty is a chubby 9.5" of dyed blue mohair body, with a sable colored mohair head. he wears a wool jumper with a vintage flag star. his necklace is a wood hand painted liberty sign. his wool cap is decorated with a resin star and bell. heavy, free standing. ADOPTED... thank you Katherine!
                                                               "STEAMPUNK MUSIC MAN"
music is 8.5" of black alpaca body, soft crème mohair head. his pendant is a antique plane whistle. he also has gears,springs,music notes, stars and bells. his cap is an old shaker top with a spring propeller. ADOPTED... thank you Diane!
                                                             "BUGLE BOY"
bugle is 10.5" of brown, cream and soft gold alpaca. he wears a wool jumper with leather suspenders and vintage red cross pin. his necklace is a mini brass bugle with music notes stars and bells. he wears a fabric newspaper print hat with a star and feather. heavy, free standing ADOPTED...thank you Valerie!