Thursday, December 18, 2014

                                                      MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

It is a warm 29 degrees outside here in Akron NY. I hear a bit of tick tick tick on the windows, which means frozen rain! my studio is upside and backwards, which also means a storm of bear creating has been going on.
for the last pieces of 2014 I have created 15 unique teddy's in full Christmas, winter and holiday décor.  I have  added many more details to all my themed embellishments. I wish the photo's did that justice, but on the other hand you will be surprised at all the little details that I so LOVE doing.!
as always if you see a teddy you would like . please contact me at  and we will work out the details.
I wish everyone of you a very merry Christmas and a Blessed new year.
please join me on my new face book page...gilmur rudley. im going to start a new chapter in 2015 , which will include contests, gifts announcements things!! I've had  few years of health stuff, but im excited to be getting back into my groove! thank you for continuing to love my means everything to me.......................................................jackie

                                                     "OLDE CHRISTMAS BEAR"
Olaf is 13" of nutmeg and crème mohair. this is the third bear that I have started using clear eyes and heavily staining them. olaf has a hand stitched pendant, ivory loop with laser wood cut word charm,old buttons and bells. his hat is nutmeg,burganday,black wool adorned with a pine needle sprig, rusty star, bells and tiny pine cones. he is squishy weighty and prim body shape. 315.00

toby is a chubby 9 " of soft Carmel mohair with chocolate German plush arms and legs. he free stands with big weighted feet. toby has an old fashioned propeller hat and has a leather harness adorned with a variety of metal toy charms. his truck is an old tootsie truck filled with vintage toys and goodies. adopted
cringle is 8" of apricot mohair with cinnamon tips. he is weighted and floppy. cringle wears a green & cinnamon wool cap adorned with a wood gingerbread man, chenille candy cane ribbon and bell. his necklace is a resin gingerbread house. ADOPTED

                                                         "TOBAIS'S XMAS TRUCK"
Tobias is 10 1/2" of  sable color mohair. he wears a wool jumper with a red felt bib. he has a leather belt with a vintage buckle and wears a matching red felt hat, with vintage fur trim. Tobias pulls a vintage wood toy truck, filled with antique toy goodies. including a German doll and bottle tree. the truck is 11"x5". ADOPTED
                                                              "CHRISTMAS SOCK"
Sven is 12 1/4" of dense chocolate matted curly mohair. he is straight arm, bent leg with hand dyed wool feet. he wears a handmade sweater with a wool penny sock patch. his hat is burgundy and plaid wool, decorated with an hand painted enamel stocking charm, bells and chenille candy cane. ADOPTED

                                                        "ST. NICK'S SLEIGH RIDE"
Nick is an 9" rust and caramel mohair bear. who is floppy pellet filled. he wears a vintage velvet green cap. decorated with a wood name charm, berries, pine cones and sprigs. his sleigh is wicker and iron runners and measures..11"x12". his toy sack is filled with vintage goodies,books,toys and a wool hobby horse(made by me). 285.00

                                                    "PINE TREE CHRISTMAS PARTY"
penny pine tree! is all decked out for her Christmas party. she is a mint green mohair bear with raspberry arms and legs. she wears a matching wool jumper. and has a hand stitched pine tree pillow charm with beads, bells and stars. her party hat is a  piece of vintage green velvet. it is decorated with  tiny bottle brush tree, vintage glass beads, tinsel, and berries. she has raspberry eye patches and shading on her face.245.00

                                                                      "XMAS WISH"
wish is 9" of forest green and gold mohair. he wears a wool jumper and a wool jacket of 3 shades of green. his lapel has brass wish & deer charm. wish wears a leather belt with vintage buckle. his hat is green wool trimmed in vintage gold fur, decorated with a resin wreath and a wood Christmas word charm, bells, bows. his sack is crème knit, with an old tree, chenille cane and berries. ADOPTED
                                                                 "XMAS COAL"
Coal is 9" of grey mohair and wears a grey& black wool jumper. his jacket is a Christmas laid of grey, black and burgundy. he is decorated with resin coal charms and metal trains! on is lapel is a pewter coal car , with a wood name  charm. his hat is adorned with resin coal, bell and metal burgundy trim over vintage black fur. ADOPTED

                                                                    "POPPA CLAUS"
poppa is 10 1/4" of old tan and nutmeg mohair. he is free standing and wears a long wool coat of nutmeg, black, burgundy and sage colors. poppa's hat is wool felt trimmed in vintage caramel fur. it is decorated with a wood star, berries, bells and bows.. on his lapel is a brass reindeer head charm and bell. poppa carries a antique feed sack pouch, filled with a vintage gold reindeer, bottle tree and woodsy goodies. ADOPTED
                                                                    "WINTER FAWN"
fawn is a 11 1/2" bent leg crème with brown tipped mohair. her oatmeal color wool cap is  sewn with vintage fur and ruffled netting. it is decorated with a small crème tree,snowflake,berries,pinecones,bows and bells. Her necklace is a flocked white star with an enamel painted brown fawn with white spots. her footpads match! ADOPTED
                                                                 "OLDE SANTA"
Otto is 13 1/4" of copper penny color matted mohair. he is my new prim body shape with clear glass eyes, that I have heavily stained. Otto wears a very old satin cap the color of antique copper. it is adorned with a circle of fur, pinecones berries, rusty bell and bows. his necklace is a hand stitched pillow charm with a wood word bead. he is heavy squishy filled and grunged. ADOPTED
Kris is  a floppy 9" vintage black and cream viscose. he wears burgundy wool pants and cap. his decorations are hand painted snowflake and rusty bell. his cap is trimmed in vintage black fur. 195.00

                                                              "WINTER PEACE"
peace is 8" of squishy cream mohair. she is traveling in a hand painted star box, along with a tinsel tree. peace wears a wool cap decorated with a snowflake, berries, charms and a wood word bead. her trim is a piece of tinsel form the 1800's. she has a sparkly ruffle collar and pewter rhinestone charmed necklace. ADOPTED