Friday, March 7, 2014




                                                             HAPPY SPRING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thank you for stopping by to check out my 5 sweet spring teddy's that I created for you.  if one strikes your fancy, please email me at  or if you prefer, you can use the paypal buttons. enjoy the show and all the wonderful artists who have participated.
as always...thank you...Jackie Melerski


                                                            " SWEET CHICKY"
     Chicky is 10 1/2" of  eggshell German plush and soft blush color arms and legs. Chicky is all set for the springtime season, in her calico  wool jumper, printed with tiny little Easter chicks. her jumper has 2 wool patches , with a vintage button and with  her name and  her foot pads are matching blush wool with grass green French knots.  she has vintage flowers and a resin Chicky in her hair. ADOPTED

Buzzy bee is a sweet 8" gold and black mohair freestanding teddy. he wears a white wool jacket with a wool patch and vintage button & bee charm. the jacket is hand sewn with black French knots. he also wears gold wool pants with matching wool foot pads. his necklace has his name and vintage beads and a dangle bee charm too. all his bows are vintage silk and hand dyed. ADOPTED


                                                               " PURPLE POSY"

posy is 10" of ivory soft German plush with dyed plum mohair. she has the sweetest antique velvet pansy flowers at her neck and in her hair. in addition to the olde flowers their is a velvet  plum hair bow from the 30's and a brass bunny charm. her necklace is a wood purple egg with vintage beads, and her bows are vintage dyed silk. ADOPTED

                                                               "MR. EASTER"
Mr. Easter is just tooooo cool in his wool jacket and purple pants! his jacket is sage green with a handmade penny patch with a brass bunny charm and bell. his pants are a purple check with matching foot pads. Mr. Easter's necklace has a hand stained purple wood egg with vintage beads. his bows are vintage dyed silk. ADOPTED

                                                                  "SWEET APRIL"
 April is the color of an after dinner mint green. the softest color green with a beautiful antique velvet hair bow. her bow is adorned with a wee pink basket ,vintage flowers, button and a  bunny charm. she has matching vintage flowers at her neck and her bows are dyed soft pastel greens & pink silks. her necklace is a hand painted wood egg with vintage beads. ADOPTED

Monday, February 10, 2014