Thursday, July 9, 2015

Good early afternoon!! I hope you will all enjoy looking at the wonderful collections that these fantastic artists have created! for this July show I have 2 bears, unfortunately I suffered a hand injury to my thumb in June that has caused nerve damage. while I am improving, I was only able to finish these two pieces. I promise I will be 100% for the fall show and have new creations to look at. it always stinks getting injured but I do hope you will all enjoy the show and my 2 teddy's! hugs......Jackie melerski

********************************************************************************************************************************* ***********************************************************************************************************************************
"HAPPY THE CLOWN" Happy is 9"of hand dyed orange fluffy mohair. he wears a wool jumper, orange ruffled collar, polka dotted foot pads and a matching clown hat with his name on it. Happy's necklace has brass clown, elephant charms and vintage blue glass teddy gummy charms. he is weighted to stand. ADOPTED....thank you!
"PINE TREE PARTY" pine party is 10" of hand dyed mint mohair and raspberry dense straight mohair. he is wearing a wool jester jumper, with matching wool footpads. his hat is adorned with tiny vintage christmas decorations, i have hand assembled. his necklace is a hand stitched pine tree pillow and his surprise gift is what all jester need! ADOPTED.....thank you! K

Wednesday, July 1, 2015