Thursday, October 15, 2015

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!! Thank you for stopping by to check out my fun fall creations! I love this season , not so much what comes after, but this time of year in upstate NY is beautiful!!!! There is 10 pieces I have created for you, and if one touches your heart , wonderful!!! as always just enjoy the one of a kind fall teddy bears I have been working on in my studio for your enjoyment. questions for me. have a great rest of the week and weekend! Jackie ************************************************************************************************************************************ ************************************************************************************************************************************
"FOXY FALL" Foxy is 9.5" tall of cinnamon rusty mohair. He wears a plaid wool jumper, with matching wool cap. his cap is decorated with vintage velvet leaves, berries a hand made beaded leaf(1940's)and a cute resin fox button. his cap ends in a tassel with a vintage leaf and bell. foxy's necklace I a brass fox charm, with brass acorns, vintage beads and glass leaf charms too. ADOPTED ...thank you debbie *******************************************************************************************************************************
"PUMPKIN HOLLOW" Hollow is 15" tall of hand dyed batik mohair, in the colors of orange,salmon , mink and soft red. he wears a hand knit sweater , with a cross stitched pumpkin patch . his necklace has vintage pumpkin beads and charms and name blocks. his wool hat is adorned with linen leaves, raffia pumpkin and vintage charms. ADOPTED......thank you Patti **********************************************************************************************************************************
"PANDORA" Pandora is a chubby 14" tall of sage green and brown tipped wavy, dense mohair. she is wearing a knit striped jumper with a brown wool coat. her necklace is a antique cellioud frog , with vintage frog bead. her hat is decorated with feathers,frog charms vintage wood die, and button. ADOPTED....Thank you sue **********************************************************************************************************************************
"HARVEST PARTY" harvest is 9" tall of handdyed orange & russett viscose.he has pumpkin printed footpads. a tin pumkin necklace and a party hat with vintage feathers, trims and a grinning pumpkin charm. ADOPTED....thank you sue ***********************************************************************************************************************************
"FALLING LEAVES" lEAF IS 13" of orange, brown tissavel fur with a bent leg. he is wearing a hand knit sweater ,with a fall leaf patch. his necklace is a carved distressed wood star. he wears a wool hat ,decorated with a vintage celluloid leaf, wool acorn and leaf charms.. he also has a matching scarf. ADOPTED.....Thank you, Diane ******************************************************************************************************************************
"HALLOWEEN TREATS" Treats is 9" of off white swirly mohair. she wears a halloween costume of black wool and vinatage calico pumpkins. her necklace has handmade ghost beads and a 1960"s enamel pumkin charm. treats hat is layered with halloween treat charms, feather and spooky eyeball bead! she also carries a 1960's plastic candy contanier filled with goodies!. ADOPTED...thank you kathy ************************************************************************************************************************************
"MIDNIGHT LADY" lady is 8" of soft sage green mohair. she is wearing a tulle and paper ruffle collar. her necklace is a chipboard vintage pumpkin image. lady's hat is adorned with vintage feathers, beads,flower picks and a watch charm. she is nestled all in an antique little black shoe. ADOPTED...thank you sue *******************************************************************************************************************************
"SCARECROW BLUES" Blues is 17" tall of hand dyed batik blue tones mohair. he wears a wool jumper and vintage flannel shirt. his hat and collar are from a antique burlap feed sack. his hat is decorated with linen leaves, paperclay pumpkin,clay corn and a hand beaded antique leaf stem..along with feathers! Blues necklace is resin blue grinning pumpkin beads, metal leaf, clay corn and brass acorn charms. ADOPTED....thank you Lori ******************************************************************************************************************************
"FALL CHILLY" Chilly is a cubby 9" of dyed teal wool and mohair blend. he wears a hand knited sweater with matching wool cap. his cap is decorated with a vintage pumpkin charm, saftey pin and brass star. Chilly's necklace is a teal stone pumpkin charm and vintage beads. ADOPTED...thank you Pat ************************************************************************************************************************************
"HOCUS" Hocus is a squishy 9" of black mohair body and a dyed green head. she is wearing a vintage crepe dress with an olive green tulle ruffle. her necklace is vintage glass beads and name blocks. hocus's hat is wool felt adorned with vintage feathers, flowers, trims and bells. ADOPTED....thank you jane

Saturday, October 10, 2015