Thursday, March 29, 2018

thank you for stopping by and taking a look at my mini spring show!
I hope you will all enjoy what I have created for you...and please check out my new little guy , last bear on page......happy Easter!!
Ducky is 10.5" of gold and ivory curly mohair.  She can stand or sit and show off her spring time footpads!
Ducky wears a yellow wool coat,  with vintage ric rac trim. Her necklace is a soft resin duckling,  with a kitchsy duck charm!! Vintage beads, ceramic duck and bells . She wears a matching neck ruff and hair bow.
Adopted....thank you ....jane

Ears is 11.5"of crème tipped chocolate mohair. Ears is a chubby bent leg girl, who wears wool bunny ears hair bow. her jacket is tie-dyed variegated chocolate's, with vintage velvet trim. Ears necklace is a wicker basket with clay bunny, vintage wood egg and rabbit charms. Thank you ....lisa!

Peeps is 9" of dense antique violet mohair and old gold head. Peeps has aged clear glass eyes, heavy pellet filled. She wears a purple wool coat with vintage ric rac trim. her necklace is a small vintage wood chick. Her hair bow is an 1800's purple velvet pansy with brass chick charm. she sits in a old basket with her wool chick friend(made by me!), paper Mache egg and clay chocolate bunny. ADOPTED....thank you...Barb

Cake is sooo sweet! With her tie dyed green body, and soft orange head....yum !!! cake wears a grass green coat, with vintage ric rac trim. Her necklace is a wood carrot and clay carrot cake charm, with glass carrot beads. Cake's hair bow has another clay cake charm. Adopted....thank you margaret!

Ba Ba is 8"of soft German variegated blacks body with an crème alpaca head. Ba ba wears a vintage polka dot ruff and her necklace is a resin sheep, black sheep enamel charm, beads and bells. She also has a black sheep charmed hair bow. her bows are pinks, crèmes and blacks. ADOPTED... thank you...Marilyn


ParPar is my prototype of a mini flat faced, bodied bear. I designed the original pattern 10 years ago. I was recently was encouraged to create him in a mini form...he is a heavy , squishy pellet, steel BB's filled bear of 5.5"!!! he sits in your hand like a little mouse. His larger version, is named patty panda...ParPar panda is named for a my boyfriend's beloved grandfather(a man who constantly reinvented his business self) I hope my collectors love this new little bear from my heart and hands. if you have a moment please email me and tell me what you think....thank you!!

 I am letting go of the prototype to a lucky collector...adopted.....thank you...sue