Friday, March 3, 2017

                                                               "MR. EASTER RABBIT TIME"
rabbit is 12.5" of dense antique mauve mohair. he wears a plaid wool coat with sage wool pants. his necklace is all Easter steampunk! watches, rabbits,carrots and bells. he even wears his own set of ears!Adopted..thank-you Gina!!

                                                                     "ZOOM ZOOM"
zoom zoom is 9.5" of wavy milk chocolate mohair. zoom is wear wool pants with antiqued knit shirt and leather suspenders. his cap is also a matching wool plaid. zoom's necklace is a vintage metal monopoly race car.Adopted...thank you Margaret!!
                                                                  "EGG PAINTER"
painter is 9.5" of super soft dyed alpaca. aqua head with cocoa this look!! he wears a matching dyed wool coat with a vintage print ruffle and matching aqua bells. painters necklace is a handmade mini basket with vintage 70's wood eggs and rabbit. he has clear aged eyes...ADOPTED.. thank you..sandy!

gadget is 17" of dense cinnamon mohair. gadget is part of my steampunk line. most of you know I LOVE to antique to find themes and goodies for my teddy's... I would always come across unique that is how  my steampunky bears came to be! gadget wears a wool jumper and a necklace of keys, arrows, gears, bells, bottle caps, locker tags...etc!! his hat is an antique copper oil funnel, loaded with goodies springs and a propeller!! ADOPTED ...thank-you lisa
lost is a sweet chubby 9" mohair panda, heavily aged and stained. he wears a gold compass pendant and an antique cap hat with a compass charm and spinner. Adopted ...thank-you Pat!!!
                                                                "HIP HOP HARE"
hare is a brightly dyed pink and red dense curly mohair. I was inspired by his antique rabbit button, colors of pink, teal red and gold!!! I found vintage teal wood eggs and yellow abacas beads. he wears pink and red wool ears!! clear aged eyes. ADOPTED..thank you patti!
************** **************************************************************
found is my other sweet steampunk compass 9"panda. he is made of aged wool. found has a black/taupe compass pendant and a black cap with compass charm and spinner hat.adopted,...Thank-you marilyn!!
                                                                  "DIXIE CHICKS"
chicks is a 8" dyed wool girl with a tiny vintage basket and paper Mache chick necklace. she has a brass chick and bell hair bow. chick rides in a red metal cart with her prim wool chicky friend(made by me) wood egg and yellow tulip. hand painted chicks sign.adopted..thank-you Kathy!!
                                                                 "GUS GUS GEARS"
gus is a silly multi colored mohair punky bear! he has aged clear eyes, with layers of gears and bead necklace. gus wears a vintge antique cap,gears,springs and propeller hat!!! he is just fun!
Adopted..thank-you  c dennis!!