Friday, October 27, 2017


                                                         Happy HaLLoWeEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Welcome everyone!!
 It is that time of year again, where all the colors turn to orange and black.....but this year I have included raspberry, lime, blue , red, and purples...o my...I love being an artist!!!
 I hope you will enjoy the spirit of these "scary"  bear creations! I have 10 unique pieces for you to look at and  to enjoy.  As always thank you for stopping by and checking out my latest  themed teddy bears.........
If anyone needs me ........            
Enjoy the show... happy trick and treating....
Jackie melerski
                                                               "HARVEST MARKET"
Market is 12 " of chocolate wavy mohair body with a gold distressed mohair head. Market wears a vintage burlap hat, decorated with vintage velvet leaves, charms, bells and bows. He has a vintage fabric collar and a necklace with all things fall...squirrels, acorns, corn, scarecrow and crows.ADOPTED... thank you...Susan
                                                            "WITCH HAZEL RED"
Hazel is 8" of dense yellow, red, orange mohair, with a yellow mohair head. She is named after her antique witch hazel metal cap, which is her necklace pendant!!! Hazel has a red wool felt hat , with feathers, ceramic yellow pumpkin and witch charms. ADOPTED....thankyou...Ellen!

Ok, who didn't want to be a cowboy or girl for Halloween!!?....I was!! Cowboy is 8" of dense short old gold mohair body, with a old tan mohair head. He wears a vintage straw cowboy hat, with a handmade metal star. He stands in a vintage toddlers cowboy boot(6" x6").  He has a checked bandana, and his necklace is all cowboy charms. and nooooo cowboy would leave the ranch without his trusty steed....which he has!  I made his horsey  stick friend from wool and wool yarn for the mane.
ADOPTED...thank you..Carolyn


Hagitha is 18" of dense chocolate, tipped black mohair body, with a hand dyed deep rusty orange mohair head! Her foot pads are antique orange velvet, and a cross stitched pumpkin.  Hagitha wears a deep dyed purple wool jacket, with rusty safety pin buttons and a rusty mirror brooch. Her necklace is a velvet pumpkin, vintage children's block beads and witch charms.
Hagitha's hat is brown wool felt, with a antique primitive broom, prim moon, cross-stitched pumpkin pillow charm, and a rusty star.  matching purple wool hat band. ADOPTED... thank you...Cheryl
Treats is 10" of matted black swirly mohair body, and a deep orange black tip mohair head. Treats wears a wool jumper, and wool felt hat, decorated with clay candy charms,  and a rhinestone jack o lantern pin. Treats has a hand painted "TREATS" pendant sign, with hand made clay treat charms....lollipops, donuts, gummie bars and good and plenty candies!!! ADOPTED..thank you jane
                                                           "PUMPKIN POTION BREW"
Brew is 8.5" of matted black mohair with a matted oatmeal mohair head and aged clear eyes. Brew sits in a vintage black kettle, with her broom and pumpkin. Her hat is black wool felt, decorated with an aged wood pumpkin charm, feathers and bells.  Her necklace is an aged vintage 1950's plastic pumpkin bead. ADOPTED.... thank you ...katherine
                                                            " HALLOWEEN BOO BASH"
Boo Bash is 9.5" of matted black arms , matted body. And a old ivory matted mohair head..whew!! He also has clear aged eyes... Boo Bash has a fabric party hat with feathers, Halloween wood word charm, star and bells. His necklace is a vintage printed wood charm, stars, bells and beads. He also wears a matching collar, and footpads. ADOPTED...thank you patricia
Bella is 9" of raspberry with black tipped curly mohair. Bella rides in her antique witch shoe (love this!) 8" x 6". Bella's wool felt hat is decorated with a ceramic star, bella wood charm, broom, black berries, feathers and bells. her shoe d├ęcor is a ceramic pumpkin, stars , vintage beads and a dangle spider charm.. ADOPTED... thank you..Cheryl

                                                             "STEAMPUNK UMPKIN"
Umpkin is 8.5" of curly dyed green body and curly dyed orange mohair head. Umpkin is my version of fall steampunk  theme. He wears a antique orange medicine cap, with a velvet pumpkin, gear, spring and metal propeller. Umpkin's necklace is gears, springs, beads and bells. ADOPTED... thank you Susan
                                                            "HARVEST CROW"
Crow is 9" of chocolate dense mohair with an off white mohair head. Crow wears a wool blue plaid jacket with rusty safety pins. His hat is made from vintage burlap, decorated with vintage velvet leaves, sunflower. crows, squirrel and acorns. Crow's necklace is a velvet pumpkin with all things fall charms! leaves, squirrels,acorns, crows...etc! ADOPTED... thank you..julie