Tuesday, October 30, 2018

                                                         GOOOOOOOD EVENING!!!
                                                    Welcome to the all Hallows Eve show!!!
There is a total of 11 creations for you to adopt or just smile at!! I have a new pattern, which is 12" of floppy, heavy and filled with bb's, pellets and excelsior ....candie corn ..first bear and last bear carver...love this new pattern!!  so sit back, sip some cider and enjoy the show!
thank you.......thank you....Jackie melerski


                                                               "CANDIE CORN PARTY"
Candie( NEW PATTERN) is 12" of Halloween color matte mohair . Her eyes are clear aged.  Candie has a prim painted candy corn pendant, vintage metal tin hat with wool pom pom, a poka dotted ruff, and layers of spooky Halloween trims. ADOPTED...thank you ...Katherine!!


                                                         "WICKED PUMPKIN DUDE"
Dude is 8.5" of two colors of  aqua dyed straight dense mohair. Dude wears a dark teal wool coat with rusty pins. His necklace is a vintage postcard charm...of a pumpkin head dude! Dude wears a pumpkin cap with leaves and stalk, with a metal wicked charm.
ADOPTED..thank you Margaret


                                                                      "MIGHTY OAK"
Mighty is 5.5" of stone and chesnut mohair...heavy weighted! He has aged clear eyes and an acorn cap with bell, and teeny tiny acorn charm. Mighty has a leather acorn charm necklace...sweet! ADOPTED. ..thank you. ..Barb!!

Frost is 14" of sage green and black mohair. He has aged clear eyes and wears a winter wool cap , with wood white pumpkin, vintage Lucite leaf charm and wool pom pom. Frost has a hand painted pumpkin sign with winter white pumpkin charms and white vintage leaf. matching wool pads. ADOPTED...thank you....Laurene!!

Grin is 5.5" of dyed orange matted mohair. he is heavy squishy filled with pumpkin charm necklace. Grin wears a velvet pumpkin cap. He sits in a vintage wicker pumpkin. ADOPTED.....thank you...Jackie!!
Pop is 8.5" of dyed orange and black mohair. Pop has a vintage soda pop cap and clay lollipop charms necklace. He wears a wool cap, with vintage trims and pop poms. ADOPTED... thank you Jackie

Starry nite is 10" of raspberry and black tipped mohair. Her hat is matching raspberry wool, with white wood pumpkin charm, silver stars, pink and black feathers. Starry necklace is a fabric star with her name and silver moon...matching foot pads. 265.00

Warlock is 5.5" of dyed pumpkin rust and black mohair. He sits in a lightweight black iron kettle. Warlock has a super cute vintage pumpkin pail charm, clay aged skull beads and a tiny spell book!!! of course trims, feathers and a wool hat! ADOPTED... thank you....Sue!!
Friday is10" of dyed candy corn gold, and olde orange mohair. His necklace is a paper clay pumpkin grin!! Friday's hat has a vintage bingo chip, stars and a handmade ceramic pumpkin bead. He has a wool felt ruff and matching checked and wool footpads. FUN!!! ADOPTED....thank you....Margaret!!

Honey is 5.5" of Carmel frost, chocolate  alpaca . Honey has a handmade clay aged beehive charm(by me!) brass bees, honey combs and a fantastic honey jar charm! clear aged eyes...squishy and heavy! ADOPTED......thank you .....Jane!!


Carver....I LOVE THIS BEAR! brand new pattern for me.....he is squishy an loose, floppy..heavy too. Carver is 12" of stone and rust matted mohair. His necklace is a carved and dried orange, with vintage beads. ADOPTED..... thank you..Patricia!!